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Transformer Issues
How can we help you with your Transformer?
Install Transformer (No Existing Account)

1. Submit a request letter to ILPI and attach your schedule of loads. This must be signed by a Professional Electrical Engineer
2. Secure or process an Occupancy/Permanent Permit from the City Engineer's Office.
3. Assigned personnel from the City Engineer's Office will deliver the Permanent/Occupancy Permits to the ILPI office. If the City Engineer's Office tells you that they have delivered your permit to ILPI, you may inquire about the status of your application by calling our hotlines.
4. ILPI will conduct a site inspection for load verification and evaluation of primary structure suitable for installation. If a primary extension is necessary, our crew will guide you on how to prepare a request for a primary extension survey from our our Engineering section. After the survey is conducted, we will prepare a cost estimate for primary extension and transformer installation.
5. The Customer Service Inspector will prepare and generate the primary extension and transformer testing assessments.
6. You will need to pay for the transformer testing. After payment, our customer service technical staff will generate the request in our system.
7. You will need to transport your transformer/s to ILPI-Luinab (not Pala-o office) for testing at the Instrumentation Section.
8. If the transformer fails the test, you need to provide another transformer and repeat the process from Step 5.
9. If the transformer passes the test, the Customer Service staff will now ask our Maintenance staff to begin the installation.
10. CS Inspector will generate transformer installation assessment and pay the TIA.
11. Our Customer Service inspector will inform you about the metering outfit, and you will need to pay the bill deposit for your meter installation, which will be done by our maintenance crew after your payment.
12. Once the transformer and the meter are installed, your account is energized.