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Meter Problems
Meter Transfer
1. If you want to have your meter transfered to another location, you would need to personally visit Consumer Welfare Desk Officer at the Pala-o Office.
2. Since you will be transfering your meter, we will be charging a Service Fee for the request for meter relocation.
3. After paying the Service Fee for meter relocation, your request will be forwarded to our Metering services team. They will relocate your meter within 2 weeks from your payment.
4. Your meter will be transferred to a new location, most likely outside your perimeter fence and on the nearest ILPI post, on a clustered metering outfit, or a private pole that you will be providing.
5. You do not pay for the new meter, but you will be charged for other materials included in the installation. For a quote, call our hotline. Also, if your meter is found to be defective, it may be replaced during the relocation activity.